My Florida License Information

Hurricane Season Is Not Over

Each week The Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulations (DBPR) prepares a Newsletter titled The Bottom Line.  Their motto is to ‘License Efficiently and Regulate Fairly’; they also keep us informed of not only information regarding Florida licensees but provide valuable information to us as consumers. In their August 23, 2013 issue they have provided important information for Business owners as well as consumers regarding the impact that hurricanes have on Floridians; follow this link to read this issue The Bottom Line. You can also download your Hurricane Preparedness and Response Guide from the DBPR right here.  In addition to this site, the National Weather Service also provides us with up to date weather conditions, especially when storms are in our area.   Holiday Wishes Sunday, September 8th is National Grandparents Day may each and every Grandparent and Step-Grandparent have a happy day full of love & joy! Rosh Hashanah began at sunset Wednesday, September 4th and lasts through to nightfall tonight (Friday, September 6th) Happy New Year to those of the Jewish faith!   Have a great weekend!   Prepared for:  Eddie’s Pool Service, Inc. Written by: Your Success Is My Success Office Phone: 239-591-3453 or 239-643-3456 Office Fax: 239-591-4855 Toll Free Confidential Fax: 1-866-221-2487 Contact us via Email...

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Want to know if someone is licensed?

There are many ‘gypsies’ in all fields of service.  If you’d like to see who is licensed and who is not you can do this from the website.  Simply click on the Licensee Search button.  This takes you to the DBPR (Depart of Business & Professional Regulation) on-line services.  By selecting the Construction Qualified Business section you can verify many types of licenses.  You can verify their license by name, company name, license number and license type.   We are constantly reminded by our government to hire licensed contractors to protect ourselves and our investments.  Go ahead … check it out! I have also found the the DBPR weekly e-Newsletter, The Bottom Line, to contain valuable information in their Newsletter.  You too can sign up to receive this e-Newsletter and stay on top of what’s happening in your community! Do you have a question or comment regarding licensed contractors?  Ask me from here  and I’ll do my best to get an answer for...

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