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Continental Airlines Extreme Makeover Petition

Many of us have already heard about the unexpected and unfortunate tragedy from the Continental Airlines crash on February 12, 2009 in New York. The plane crashed into a home in Clarence Center, N.Y. not only killing those on the plane but also a husband and father who lived in the home. As a member of the VACOC (Virtual Assistant Chamber of Commerce) one of our members has asked that we send this petition to everyone we know to help this family rebuild their home. The petition will ultimately be sent to The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition team that a new home be built for this family, as this was so unexpected. If you would like to sign the on-line petition please click here to be taken directly to the Home Makeover Petition and to read more about how we, as individuals, can help this family: Please feel free to forward this to your friends and family as they may also like to sign this petition. With sincere thanks, Dinah Published for: Written by: E-mail: Office Phone: 239-643-3456 Office Fax: 239-643-3457 Confidential Fax:...

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Please Don’t Blame the Poolman

Are you aware that most of your electric and water bills are not caused by your pool company? That’s right, there could be many reasons for the increases you’ve noticed. FPL recently announced that effective November 1st a storm charge was included on your electric bill. Residential customers received an increase from 0.1111 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) to 0.145 cents per kwh. As a result of this a 1,000 kWh residential bill is now $111.12. We have to use electric and FPL offers simple tips to help you save on your energy: o Use the reverse switch on your ceiling fan and operate it at a lower speed o Consider switching to electronic equipment with the Energy Star Label o In cooler weather, keep curtains open during the daylight hours to take advantage of the sun to warm your home You can find these and many more cost saving tips from FPL at We know you like to keep your landscapes in top notch condition but, did you know you lawn maintenance also use your water to do so. If you see an increase in your water bill please remember that some of your landscapes and plants may have needed additional water. It’s also a good idea check your toilet flaps and replace them if you continually hear water running for longer periods after flushing. Here are just a few other tips for you: – Check your faucets to make sure they are functioning properly – Another incident involved an accident where a truck actually ran over a water meter – Don’t keep filling your pool up when you notice a substantial decrease in your water level, you will have a higher water bill. We are not responsible for this increase so please make sure you call us right away so we can schedule someone to check your pool for leaks. Not only will it save on your water bill you could avoid future major repairs to your pool/spa. These are simple steps you can do to help save on your utilities, I hope you find them helpful! Heat Pumps Thanksgiving is a time of the year that we gather with our friends and family to enjoy the tradition of being thankful for what we have as well as enjoy a dinner that takes hours to prepare and only minutes to eat! Once we have finished our dinner...

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