Please Don’t Blame the Poolman

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Are you aware that most of your electric and water bills are not caused by your pool company? That’s right, there could be many reasons for the increases you’ve noticed.
FPL recently announced that effective November 1st a storm charge was included on your electric bill. Residential customers received an increase from 0.1111 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) to 0.145 cents per kwh. As a result of this a 1,000 kWh residential bill is now $111.12. We have to use electric and FPL offers simple tips to help you save on your energy:
o Use the reverse switch on your ceiling fan and operate it at a lower speed
o Consider switching to electronic equipment with the Energy Star Label
o In cooler weather, keep curtains open during the daylight hours to take advantage of the sun to warm your home
You can find these and many more cost saving tips from FPL at
We know you like to keep your landscapes in top notch condition but, did you know you lawn maintenance also use your water to do so. If you see an increase in your water bill please remember that some of your landscapes and plants may have needed additional water. It’s also a good idea check your toilet flaps and replace them if you continually hear water running for longer periods after flushing. Here are just a few other tips for you:
– Check your faucets to make sure they are functioning properly
– Another incident involved an accident where a truck actually ran over a water meter
– Don’t keep filling your pool up when you notice a substantial decrease in your water level, you will have a higher water bill.
We are not responsible for this increase so please make sure you call us right away so we can schedule someone to check your pool for leaks. Not only will it save on your water bill you could avoid future major repairs to your pool/spa.
These are simple steps you can do to help save on your utilities, I hope you find them helpful!
Heat Pumps
Thanksgiving is a time of the year that we gather with our friends and family to enjoy the tradition of being thankful for what we have as well as enjoy a dinner that takes hours to prepare and only minutes to eat! Once we have finished our dinner we usually watch football, play with our children or grandchildren, take a nap or go for a nice swim in our pools/spas. Our Jandy® products can help you continue your relaxing, fun filled day with your ambient temperature being just right!
JandyColors™ Lights
Adding a touch of elegance using the JandyColors™ Lights could never be easier! Create your own holiday or evening atmosphere with these quartz halogen, digital color blending lights; they will dramatically change the look and feel of any backyard landscape. The JandyColors™ Light provide the finest and brightest colors for your pool and spa. With their high grade, quartz halogen bulbs and unique lens design to saturate your pool and spa with five vibrant primary colors and five blended watercolor, you’ll enjoy endless nights of brilliant color beyond compare.
They can be installed without internal moving parts or motors. The standard 3 wire design easily installs into any new or existing pool or spa niche. JandyColors™ have a longer bulb light than other light brands with up to 16,000 hours of full spectrum color!
AquaLink® RS
To compliment and add value to your pool/spa Jandy® also offers an AquaLink® RS control panel or PDA handheld remote that you can use to synchronize your pool and spa lights and choose your favorite color from the exclusive JandyColors menu! In addition to this feature from the AquaLink system you also have the ability to set the time for your pool heater to turn on – you won’t have to rush home while out on the town or running errands to turn your heater on, the AquaLink system does it for you!
Going Green
As we continue towards Going Green, this month SCORE® Naples (
Counselors to America’s Small Business) had an interesting article regarding the reduction ‘our paper consumption and to recycle what we do use back into the system. But what if we looked in the other direction for an answer? What if we didn’t make paper from trees?’ The article titled, The Forest For the Trees, is from the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary & Blair Audubon Center and was written by Amy Fleischer.
Amy’s thoughts are to consider the Kenaf plant (a variety of hibiscus) and she states that this plant has been identified by the USDA as the most viable source of fiber for future paper making!. The article also includes links to other markets going green as well as information about the Audubon of Florida’s Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. Take a look at it !
1 Month of Service at No-Charge
In our last post we offered you one month of free pool maintenance service with your paid purchase of a heat pump…that offer will expire on November 30th . A 50% deposit for your heat pump purchase now will not only lock in the current heat pump price (prices will be going up at the end of December) but we will also stand by our offer and give you a month of service at no charge once your heat pump is paid in full.
Call or e-mail us for information of your Jandy® heat pump purchase, how you can create a memorable atmosphere to enjoy even after the Holidays with the JandyColors™ Light, an AquaLink® RS control panel, PDA handheld remote controller or a Jandy Heat Pump. We’ll be happy to meet with you personally to show you how you too, can have enjoyable pool/spa time together not only for yourself but for your family and friends as well! Our e-mail address is
Until our next post…have a great week!
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