We have several maintenance plans to choose from to accommodate our customers’ needs.SwimmingPoolCare

We supply all pool related equipment to ensure your pool and spa continues to operate as they should (filters, pumps, cartridges, etc). We also offer pool/spa resurfacing and renovations.  For equipment, supplies and maintenance, please call our office or email us.

The following swimming pool Maintenance Plans are based on a standard 14’x28’ pool with a screened enclosure. Should the swimming pool be larger, open and/or include a spa, our Supervisor will have to personally go to look at the pool/spa prior to providing a cost to you.

All Plans include weekly chemical checks (chemicals are added as needed), Filter is back-washed once a month:

star_blue_256 Maintenance technician will service pool weekly and perform the following:

          • Pool is vacuumed
          • Tiles are cleaned
          • Walls and floors of the pool are brushed
          • Pump strainer baskets emptied

star_blue_256Maintenance technician will service pool weekly and perform the following:

          • Twice a month the pool is vacuumed
          • Twice a month the tiles are cleaned
          • Pump strainer baskets emptied
          • Twice a month the walls and floors of the pool are brushed

customer service

Customer Service is our #1 Priority!  We take pride in our services/product and will match any written estimate you are given (most of the time our cost will already be lower)! Our services include repairs to all pool/spa related equipment. We have many products and services available for you; you may contact us through our website or by calling our Office.

Replacing your filter cartridge yearly is one simple way to maintain that your pool/spa equipment function properly and avoid costly repairs in the future.

Protect your investment and property.  Verify that you are hiring a licensed company or individual through the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) website at