Jandy Heat Pumps

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Experience Jandy EE-Ti Heat Pumps

Cool weather is on it’s way, why not invest in a Heat Pump so you can continue to enjoy your pool/spa. Jandy heat pumps are the most efficient, trouble-free swimming pool heat pumps in the industry. Heat pumps simply take heat from the air and transfer it to the water – making the heating process clean, efficient, ecologically-safe, and most of all, cost effective. Four sizes to fit your pool/spa and budget are available! EE1500, EE2000, EE2500 and the EE3000T. Detailed information about each heat pump can be found by following this link www.jandy.com/html/products/heatpumps/ee-ti.php

Automated Controls

Continue to stay warm and turn your pool/spa heat pump on from inside your home! Jandy’s AquaLink Touch is the most intuitive pool controller on the market. It brings the style and features that you demand in a single, technologically advanced controller. Touch’s smart, intuitive user interface, customizable features and attractive styling present the best touch panel experience for you. Follow this link for more information and to watch the video www.jandy.com/html/products/controls/aqualink_touch.php.

Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. is our Jandy product supplier. We encourage you to view their product line at http://www.zodiacpoolcare.com/ .

Daylight Saving Time…

When you wake up Sunday morning and your manual clocks are not the same as your automatic clocks…it’s only because Sunday, November 7th at 2:00am Daylight Savings Time began…it’s time to Fall back!


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